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  • 1-1000 parts in as quick as 1 day
  • Highly functional plastics, resins & metals
  • Smooth finish with no visible layers
  • ESD, USP VI & UL94 compliant materials
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3D Printing End-Use Production Parts

Additive Manufacturing for end use production has been embraced by Aerospace & Defense, Transportation, Healthcare, and Energy sectors for its strategic possibilities in quickly turning around highly functional end use parts requiring high levels of customization. See examples of our projects below.

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End Use Part Manufacturing

Selective Laser Sintering, Multi-Jet Fusion and Direct Metal Laser Sintering enables Forge Labs to offers functional end-use materials with final product aesthetics. Materials such as Nylon 12  offers both functional performance testing suitable for low to mid volume production. High performance thermoplastics for Fused Deposition (FDM), such as ULTEM 9085 are suitable for use inside engine compartments or parts that require Flame Smoke & Toxicity certifications. 

Manufacturing parts with 3D printing allows automakers to get more creative with their designs, allowing for more intricate parts to be manufactured such as complex brake calipers, grilles, air vents, handles, and exhausts. Assemblies can now be simplified and combined into a single printed part, saving assembly and labor time later during production.

3D Printing with Forge Labs enables the rapid production of functional, end use parts requiring high levels of customization in days. Since complexity with 3D printing doesn't add to the cost of manufacturing, this leads to customization opportunities for automakers far beyond what was ever possible with traditional subtractive methods


Why Use 3D Printing for End Use Parts

  • 3D printing offers total design freedom, with no cost for manufacturing complexity. Simplify assemblies and manufacture lighter parts with 3D printing.
  • Durable, functional plastics and metals enable the end-use production of parts with excellent manufacturing efficiency even at low volumes.
  • Quick turnaround enables just in time manufacturing of 3D printed parts when you need them. No need to stock inventory, simply place orders when you need the parts.
  • Highly accurate prototypes enable parts true-to-life fit testing that look good and perform the same as a final part

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Case Studies


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How International Submarine Engineering replaced traditionally machined parts with 3D Printing.

3D Printing Technologies for Manufacturing End-Use Parts


Direct Metal Laser Sintering


Multi-Jet Fusion


Selective Laser Sintering


Fused Deposition Modeling