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Trusted by Engineers & Designers 

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On-Demand Manufacturing

The most advanced manufacturing and industrial 3D printing technologies in the United States, at your fingertips. Speeds up production from prototypes to end-use parts with our online 3D Printing & Digital Manufacturing platform. Trusted by America's top innovators, Forge Labs produces thousands of parts per week using the most powerful 3D Printing technologies.

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Parts Made in America

Manufactured in-house in unique 8 industrial 3D Printing technologies across 50+ materials.

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Next-day, flat fee shipping anywhere in the USA for all order sizes.

3D Printing Materials

Select from 50+ industrial resins, plastics & metals to create everything from functional end-use parts, to visual prototypes, concepts and art.

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Plastics ideal for end-use applications and small to mid sized production runs


Industrial Resins

Detailed, high accuracy and functional parts with the industries leading resins.




Functional metal parts produced with the freedom of additive manufacturing

On-Demand Additive Manufacturing

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Upload your CAD file to get instant online quotes and automated manufacturability feedback on your designs.

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Select from  over 40 industrial 3D printing materials across six unique additive manufacturing technologies.

Order 1 or 1000+ Parts

Ultra-fast turnaround times for both prototyping and production orders.  Inspection reports ensure the highest quality, every time.

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Forge Labs offers certificates of conformance, material certifications, inspection reports, and hardware certifications.

Accelerate Manufacturing with 3D Printing


From Prototypes

Get parts your parts in hand in only days and rapidly test form, fit & function. Upload revisions for instant quotes, place new orders and track their statuses all online. Forge Labs online manufacturing platform enables designers to select from 50+ unique 3D printed resins, plastics and metals to create high quality, durable and functional prototypes. Quickly manufacture rubber parts, overmolds, soft touch assemblies and translucent parts using our high detailed resins. Test parts in the real world conditions using our wide inventory of thermoplastics and metals. 


To End-Use Production

Don't stop at prototypes; Forge Labs advanced 3D printing technologies are capable of manufacturing highly functional, end-use parts for a wide range of industries. Additive manufacturing saves you the expense of having to invest in time consuming tooling, making it possible to create custom parts at low quantities cost effectively. Forge Labs' 3D Printing services can effortlessly produce the most complex designs at both high and low volumes and turn around even the largest orders in a matter of days.

Trusted by Engineers & Designers

Learn how the most innovative companies are using digital manufacturing for rapid prototyping and on-demand production. Forge Labs' 3D Printing services serve a wide range of industrial customers ranging from manufacturing visual art pieces, automotive components, submarine hydrofoils and critical medical devices that save lives.

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