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Speed up manufacturing with our online 3D printing digital manufacturing marketplace. Trusted by top innovators, Forge Labs manufactures thousands of parts per week using the latest cutting-edge 3D print technologies for companies across North America.


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SLS PA2200 Forge labs 02


Up to 36 " x 24" x 36"

Plastics ideal for end-use applications and small to mid sized production runs

Forge labs Clearvue SLA

 Industrial Resins

Up to 59" x 30" x 22"

Detailed, high accuracy and functional parts with the industries leading resins.

DMLS forge labs 316L


Up to 13" x 11" x 10"

Functional & Complex geometries with the freedom of additive manufacturing

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3D Printing is Revolutionizing Industries Across North America


Iterative quicker with 3D printed prototypes from Forge Labs.  Choose from 50+ unique 3D printed resins, plastics and metals to create high quality, durable and functional prototypes. Get parts in days to rapidly test form & function before tooling begins.


We work closely with manufacturing companies to improve efficiencies on the shop floor. Reduce your development cycle and produce complex jigs & fixtures to aid in assembly faster, and more economically than ever before. 

End-Use Production

Additive manufacturing is a new tool for producing end-use parts faster than before. With no cost for complexity, 3D printing can effortlessly produce the most complex designs at both high and low volumes with no setup costs. 

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