Industrial Design

Designing products for people is an incredibly complicated endeavor. When function is just one of the guiding constraints, it can be difficult to predict how a product will perform in the world. There are a wide range of other factors to consider, such as ergonomics, aesthetics, user interface, or durability. These are difficult to prove out in a controlled environment. This is where 3D printing comes in.

Forge Labs works with industrial designers and engineers to quickly iterate through design concepts by enabling high-quality prototyping with fast turn around times. 3D printing allows for complex, functional models to be built in real world plastics, making it possible to test form, function and feel before tooling even begins.

Working prototypes can be printed directly from CAD in as few as 1-4 business days, a time savings that allows for additional testing, improved designs, and reduced risks before tool investment. Our wide selection of materials allows designers the freedom to test everything from soft rubbers to flame-resistant plastics.

Since many of the materials we offer are suitable for end-use, many of our customers opt to produce mid-volume runs with additive manufacturing so they can remain responsive to feedback gained from having their product in the wild.



3D Printing Technologies for Industrial Design Parts & Prototypes




Multi-Jet Fusion


Selective Laser Sintering


Fused Deposition Modeling

Recent Work


Case Studies


New Tim Horton Lid Redesign

How Forge Labs translated concept designs into 3D models for more than 20 unique lid prototypes and renders using Stereolithography rapid prototyping.

Robbox Tools Drill Prototypes

FDM allowed Robbox Tools to  inexpensively 3D print multiple iterations of the enclosures for their drills, drivers, and attachments .


Rocking Innovation with Fender

Fender Musical Instruments discusses how 3D printing has helped them stay innovative in the music industry, improved their time to market, and revolutionized the way they design and create products.

Industry Leading Flexibility

Agilus30 rubber-like material simulates the look, feel and function of rubber products such as overmolds, soft-touch coatings, grips, and seals.