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Maraging Steel

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Maraging steels are a class of ultra-high-strength steels known for their exceptional strength and toughness achieved through a low-carbon martensitic structure and aging. They contain nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, and titanium, which contribute to their hardening. Despite their strength, they maintain good machinability and weldability.

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EOS M100

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Maraging Steel

Material Overview

Maraging Steel is a high-strength steel alloy known primarily for its exceptional toughness and strength without losing malleability. It is produced through a process of aging that involves heating and cooling, which transforms the steel to achieve superior hardness. This steel is characterized by a high concentration of nickel along with smaller amounts of other elements like cobalt, molybdenum, and titanium, which contribute to its unique properties.

Mechanical Properties

Maraging Steel exhibits remarkable mechanical properties that include ultra-high tensile strength and enhanced toughness. The alloy is also distinguished by its ability to be made into complex, high-precision shapes before the final hardening process. It shows minimal distortion during heat treatment and has excellent crack resistance, making it highly effective for critical applications that require high endurance and reliability.

Chemical Compatibility

Maraging Steel has excellent resistance to corrosion in industrial environments, thanks to its low carbon content and high nickel composition. This makes it less prone to the typical corrosion issues that plague other high-strength steels, especially in moist or marine-like conditions. However, its performance can be compromised by exposure to strong acids or bases, which should be considered when evaluating its use in chemically aggressive environments.

Thermal Properties

The thermal properties of Maraging Steel include a relatively high thermal conductivity and a specific heat capacity that allows it to withstand high temperatures without degrading. The steel's unique aging process enhances its thermal stability, making it suitable for applications that involve sudden temperature changes. Nonetheless, it has a lower thermal expansion coefficient than conventional carbon steels, which helps maintain dimensional stability under thermal stress.


Maraging Steel is extensively used in aerospace and automotive industries for components that must sustain heavy loads and high stresses. It is ideal for manufacturing high-performance engine parts, gearboxes, and aircraft landing gear. Additionally, its ability to be precisely machined makes it popular for tooling, especially in injection molding and die casting tools, as well as high-performance sports equipment and specialized military gear.



  • Rocket skins
  • Engine components
  • Assembly line parts
  • Fencing blades
  • Surgical components

Material Characteristics

Thermal Stability