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Aluminum AlSi10Mg

Good strength, hardness and dynamic properties as well as good thermal properties and low weight.

Average Lead Time:

8-10 Business Days


3D Printers Used:

EOS M100


Colors Available: 


ABS 3D Printed Xbox Controller

Material Overview

Aluminum AlSi10Mg is printed using a Powder Bed Fusion manufacturing technology known as Direct Metal Laser Sintering. This process offers consistent mechanical properties and finish with layer heights down to 30 µm. The raw finish of the part is granular with a consistent matte finish. Parts can be post machined, drilled, welded, polished and coated to achieve a variety of different finishes.


AlSi10Mg via DMLS is primarily used in industries that require high customization of limited run complex parts. Applications include aerospace for producing strong mechanical parts, as well as automotive due to the high corrosion resistance.

Small, complex, hollow or lattice structures are ideal for printing in DMLS, whereas simple, bulky or dense parts are typically best suited to CNC machining.





Material Datasheet

DMLS Design Guideline
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General Applications

  • High Temperature Parts
  • Simplified assemblies
  • Under the hood automotive parts
  • Moisture & Humidity Resistant
  • Functional brackets & assemblies

Material Characteristics

Thermal Stability