3D Printed Massing Models

3D Printing Architecture

Massing Models with Additive Manufacturing

We specialize in architectural printing and file conversions, and can produce accurate massing models from pre-existing Sketchup, Autocad, and Revit files - and, where necessary, modify them to make them to make them suitable for printing. By adjusting thicknesses, cropping out extraneous buildings, and ensuring the files are water-tight, we can turn around durable, error-free prints without re-inventing the wheel.

Together with the rapid print speed and the affordability of FDM - makes it possible for us to provide massing models faster and more affordably than via traditional manufacturing methods. Together with the the largest FDM capacity in Western Canada Forge Labs can offer turnaround times as fast as next day on most ready-to-print architectural models.

Station Square Tower 1
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Working with Pre-Existing Files

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