Multi-Jet Fusion

PA 12

Multi Jet Fusion by HP provides outstanding throughput for PA12 parts. Quickly manufacture functional Nylon 12 parts with exceptional surface finish and outstanding mechanical properties.

Average Lead Time:

3-5 Business Days


3D Printers Used: 

HP Jet Fusion 5200 


Colours Available: 


HP PA 12 | Material Overview

PA 12 using HP Multi Jet Fusion offers excellent parts for a wide range of functional applications from prototyping to end-use production. HP PA 12 an highly durable polymer ideal for producing robust, high quality parts. Nylon PA 12 offers excellent chemical resistance to oils, greases, and alkalis making it ideal for many end-use demanding applications.

HP's Multi Jet Fusion PA12 is is USP Class VI biocompatible and suitable for a number of medical applications including dental models, surgical guides and devices.

HP PA12 is an industrial Powder Bed Fusion Technology by HP. This polymer is printed on a HP Jet Fusion 5200 series printer which offers a spacious build platform of 380 x 380 x 280 mm. This process of powder bed fusion requires no physical supports resulting in an excellent, uniform surface finish and repeatability.

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General Applications

  • Functional Automotive Parts
  • Jigs & Fixtures
  • Functional Prototyping
  • Volume Production of Complex Parts
  • Biocompatible USP IV Capable

Material Characteristics

Thermal Stability

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