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  • Parts as quick as 1 day
  • Ultra-smooth patterns ready for casting
  • Materials are chemically compatible with binding agent and mold releases
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3D Printing Master Patterns for Mold Making

Looking to accelerate the manufacturing of complex master patterns for urethane casting? 3D printing allows for the easy production of geometries too detailed for CNC, without any complex manual fabrication or post-processing. 3D printed master patterns can be produced in a single build without additional machining, in as quick as 1-3 business days. Due to the quick cycle time, low cost per part and limited tool life, urethane casting is ideal for casting up to 1000 parts.

Forge Labs offers both Stereolithography (SLA) and Polyjet Matrix 3D printing which are high-resolution processes that produce parts smooth and detailed enough for casting with little no post processing required.

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3D Printed Master Castings

Easily create casting master patterns for sand, investment and urethane molds directly from 3D printed patterns. Using 3D printed patterns can create cost savings of up to 80% over machined patterns and are fully capable of withstanding ramming forces applied to molds, are abrasion resistant and are unaffected by chemicals in the mold release. 



Why Use 3D Printing for Patterns

  • Total design freedom, with no cost for manufacturing complexity allowing more complex parts to be made.
  • Chemical resistant and durable 3D Printed materials are compatible with binders and mold releases traditionally used in casting.
  • Quick turnaround enables the rapid creation of new patterns as quick as a single business day.
  • Highly accurate parts that hold their shape during casting and do not shrink or warp

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3D Printing Technologies for Urethane Casting Master Patterns




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