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Rigur (RGD450) is an advanced simulated polypropylene photopolymer with improved toughness, increased dimensional stability and great surface finish.

Average Lead Time:

3-5 Business Days


3D Printers Used: 

Stratasys Objet30 Prime/Pro

Stratasys Objet260/500 Connex1

Stratasys Objet1000 Plus


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Material Overview

Rigur is an advanced material that simulates polypropylene. It is tough, dimensionally stable and has a great surface finish. It comes in a bright white color and is perfect for creating flexible closures and living hinges, reusable containers and packaging. When combined with other base resins, Rigur can also be used to create a range of gray colors and Shore A options. This expands the applications for Rigur even further.


Rigur has strong mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, elongation at break, modulus of elasticity, flexural strength and flexural modulus. It also has good thermal properties.





Material Datasheet

Safety Datasheet

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General Applications

  • Surgical Guides
  • Crown & Prep Guides
  • High Clarity Medical Models
  • Flow Visualization Models
  • End-use Medical Devices
  • Moisture & Humidity Resistant Parts
  • Biocompatible USP VI Capable

Material Characteristics

Thermal Stability