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FormLabs vs 3D Systems Apr 24th
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3D Systems VS FormLabs

3D Systems vs. Formlabs Why We Spend $200,000 to Print Large …

Forge Labs SLS PA2200 03 Mar 20th
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3D Printing VS Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing VS Additive ManufacturingAre they the same thing? What …

SSYS F370 Helmet scaled Jan 01st
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How 3D Printing Revolutionized Prototyping

How 3D Printing Revolutionized Prototyping5 Reasons 3D Printing Is Essential For …

watertight vs waterproof 3d printing Dec 15th
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Are 3D Printed Parts Watertight?

Can 3D Printing Produce Watertight Parts?What makes a part watertight?Let’s …

Forge Labs instant quote 03 Sep 03rd
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How We Calculate 3D Printing Costs

How Much Does 3D Printing Cost? How we Price 3D Printed …

3D Printed Fossil Reconstruction using Powder Bed Fusion Apr 24th
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Using Powder Bed Fusion 3D Printing For Fossil Reconstruction

Museum ExhibitsFossil Reconstruction in Powder Bed FusionLast year, the Site C …

Understanding the mechanical properties of 3d prints Apr 07th
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Understanding the Mechanical Properties of 3D Prints

Understanding the Mechanical Properties of 3D PrintsThe Stress-Strain CurveSelecting the …

How part orientation affects the price of a 3D print Feb 11th
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Part Orientation And Price: How orientation affects a 3D print

How Orientation Affects a 3D PrintThe Importance of Part Orientation1. …

MJF vs SLS: A Comparison of 3D Technologies Oct 13th
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MJF vs SLS: A Comparison of 3D Technologies

MJF vs SLSA Comparison of Powder Bed Fusion TechnologiesThe term …

In 2018, Theta Effect reached out to Forge Labs with an exciting opportunity to collaborate on a complex prop for Come to Daddy, a black comedy feature starring Elijah Wood. Oct 13th
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3D Printed Movie Props

3D Printing Movie PropsRapid Prototyping with Stereolithography (SLA)In 2018 Forge …