3D Printing Automotive Parts

Additive manufacturing has been used in automotive design & prototyping for decades, however recent advancements have pushed the capabilities of 3D printing even further.  Traditionally 3D printing has been used to prototype and validate the fit and form of automotive components before  production begins. Today, 3D printing allows for more functional applications including the production of both end-use interior and exterior parts.

Forge Labs offers functional end-use materials that offer final product aesthetics such as Nylon 12 using Powder Bed Fusion for both functional testing and low-volume production. High performance thermoplastics such as ULTEM 9085 are suitable for use inside engine compartments or parts that require Flame Smoke & Toxicity certifications. 3D Printing with Forge Labs enables the rapid production of functional end use parts requiring high levels of customization in a matter of days.


3D Printing Technologies for Automotive Parts


Direct Metal Laser Sintering


Multi-Jet Fusion


Selective Laser Sintering


Fused Deposition Modeling

Our Projects


Case Studies


Polaris Case Study

How 3D printing & Additive Manufacturing is helping design Powersports parts at Polaris 

International Submarine Engineering

How International Submarine Engineering replaced traditionally machined parts with 3D Printing.