3D Printing Aerospace Parts

Additive manufacturing offers a number of advantages in the design of aircraft parts, ground equipment, jigs & fixtures and composite layup tools.  With 3D printing, there is no cost for complexity, allowing difficult to machine parts to be 3D printed instead, much quicker and affordably in a wide range of lightweight flight-worthy thermoplastics, composites and metals.

Forge Labs offers highly repeatable technologies capable of manufacturing in fire rated UL94 aerospace-grade materials such as ULTEM 9085, Antero 800NA, Nylon12 FR, Titanium Ti64 and Aluminum AlSi10Mg.  Together,  these certified 3D printed materials allow for lightweight aircraft interior parts to be printed for a fraction of the traditional manufacturing costs. Designers are now free to introduce more customization within the cockpit and cabin and produce better, and lighter parts much faster than before. On the shop floor, jigs, fixtures and sacrificial composite tooling can be manufactured quicker than ever using industrial grade additive manufacturing technologies such as Fused Deposition and Laser Sintering.

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3D Printing Technologies for Aerospace Manufacturing


Direct Metal Laser Sintering


Multi-Jet Fusion


Selective Laser Sintering


Fused Deposition Modeling

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AUV Aircrafts using 3D Printing

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3D Printing Jigs & Fixtures

How 3D printed jigs & fixtures are helping improve efficiencies on the shop floor