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Forge Labs Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing Case Studies

3D Printed Fossil Reconstruction using Powder Bed Fusion
Apr 24th

Using Powder Bed Fusion 3D Printing For Fossil Reconstruction

Museum Exhibits Fossil Reconstruction in Powder Bed Fusion Last year, the …

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In 2018, Theta Effect reached out to Forge Labs with an exciting opportunity to collaborate on a complex prop for Come to Daddy, a black comedy feature starring Elijah Wood.
Oct 13th

3D Printed Movie Props

3D Printing Movie Props Rapid Prototyping with Stereolithography (SLA) In …

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face shield 3dprinting
Apr 01st

Covid-19 Relief

3D Printed Medical Equipment Covid-19 Response Forge Labs is proud …

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Forge Labs W3 Design Health in space 3D printing
Mar 09th

3D Printed Museum Exhibits

Museum Exhibits Multi-Material 3D Printing: Bone Cross Sections W3 Design …

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Mold Tool 3D Print
Dec 18th

Mold Tools With PolyJet 3D Printing

Rapid Tooling with PolyJet VeroClear Mold Tools International Submarine Engineering …

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Sep 21st

Prototyping Drill Enclosures with FDM

3D Printing Drill Enclosures Power Tool Enclosures using 3D Printing …

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Forge Labs International Submarine Engineering Header
Aug 25th

3D Printed Parts for International Submarine Engineering

3D Printing End Use Parts  Additive Manufacturing AUV for International …

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