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CAD Services For Additive Mfg.

Engineering & Design Support Services

Our team of designers and mechanical engineers will help you realize your ideas using the most advanced additive manufacturing technologies. With extensive experience designing for 3D print and traditional manufacturing, we work across a wide range of software tools to deliver reliable, functional solutions for a wide variety of industry applications.



Translation of 2D drawings & sketches into in 3D CAD files & optimize them for manufacturing using additive technologies & processes.

Services include:

  • Concept development
  • MVP products
  • Fit & form testing
  • Scale models
  • Production parts
  • 3D renders & visualization
  • Technical drawings
  • & more...

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Past Projects | See Our Work


Museum Exhibits using Multi-Material 3D Printing

W3 Design Group came to us with scan data and a challenge - 3D printing bone scans showing the effects of low gravity on bone density for Health in Space: Daring to Explore, a long term exhibit at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum.

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Tim Horton's Coffee Lid Concept Development

One Twenty Three West came to us with a tight deadline and a challenge - to help them prototype a redesign of the classic Tim Hortons lid. Over the span of a couple of weeks, our design team translated their concept art into 3D models for more than 20 unique lids, producing renders and 3D printed models for review.

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Architectural Massing Models

At Forge Labs, we specialize in architectural printing and file conversions, and can produce accurate massing models from pre-existing Sketchup, Autocad, and Revit files. This makes it possible for us to provide massing models faster and more affordably than via traditional manufacturing methods.

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