Accura Clearvue

High transparency polycarbonate-like industrial resin for general use prototyping of functional assemblies with the industries best clarity.

Average Lead Time:

3-5 Business Days


3D Printers Used: 

3D Systems ProJet 6000

3D Systems ProJet 7000

3D Systems ProX 800


Colours Available: 


Accura Clearvue | Material Overview

Accura Clearvue is an high clarity transparent resin that simulates the material properties of Polycarbonate.  Accura Clearvue is ideal for a wide range of functional prototyping applications of transparent assemblies such as lenses, light covers and fluid visualization models.

Accura Clearvue is USP Class VI biocompatbile and suitable for a number of medical applications including dental models, surgical guides and devices.

Accura Clearvue is an industrial resin by 3D Systems. This resin is printed on a Projet series printer which offers a spacious build platform of 380 x 380 x 250 mm. This process of vat polymerization requires minimal supports and results in little to no support defects on the part after post processing

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General Applications

  • High Clarity Transparent Models
  • Flow Visualization Models
  • Functional Medical Devices
  • Moisture & Humidity Resistant
  • Biocompatible USP IV Capable

Material Characteristics

Thermal Stability

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