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Accura Bluestone a high-performance solution for the production of stable parts. This resin's application in end-use and functional prototyping scenarios allows for the creation of components with crucial attributes such as chemical resistance, stiffness, and heat resistance. Accura Bluestone leverages Stereolithography's expansive build platform and its ability to produce watertight parts with a consistent finish.

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5-10 Business Days

Machines Used: 

3D Systems ProJet 7000

3D Systems ProX 800

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High Temperature SLA Resin for 3D Printing
High Temperature

Material Overview

Accura Bluestone is a high-performance, photopolymer resin used in stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing. It's known for its impressive combination of strength and aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for detailed prototypes, especially in engineering and design applications.

Mechanical Properties

Mechanically, Accura Bluestone exhibits impressive strength and stiffness, which are enhanced by the thermal postcure process. It possesses a high modulus of elasticity, meaning it can withstand significant stress before deforming. This rigidity, however, also means it is somewhat brittle and less suitable for applications that require flexibility or impact resistance.

Chemical Compatibility

In terms of chemical compatibility, Accura Bluestone demonstrates good resistance to a variety of chemicals and solvents. However, it is not recommended for prolonged exposure to water or humid environments as it may absorb moisture, which can lead to dimensional changes or degradation of mechanical properties.

Thermal Properties

Thermally, the material benefits significantly from the postcure process, which improves its thermal stability. This process helps in maintaining structural integrity and dimensional accuracy at higher temperatures. However, like many photopolymers, it is still susceptible to thermal degradation and may not be ideal for extreme temperature applications.


Accura Bluestone's applications are diverse, given its high resolution and good mechanical properties. It's extensively used for creating detailed prototypes, especially where dimensional accuracy is critical. It's also popular in the production of molds and master patterns for casting and other secondary processes. In the dental industry, it is used for creating precise dental models and surgical guides.



  • High Temperature Parts
  • Water-handling products
  • Under the hood automotive parts
  • Moisture & Humidity Protection
  • Lighting components

Material Characteristics

Thermal Stability