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Forge Labs 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Technologies

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SLS PA2200 Forge labs 02

 Powder Bed Fusion

Up to 22 " x 15" x 18"

Functional powder based technology that produces accurate & mechanically consistent parts for end-use applications production runs.

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Forge labs Clearvue SLA


Up to 59" x 30" x 22"

Stereolithography creates highly detailed & highly accurate and functional parts with the the industry leading SLA 3D printing materials.

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FDM Forge labs 04

Fused Deposition Modeling

Up to 36" x 24" x 36"

Real thermoplastics for applications requiring strength, thermal resistance & chemical compatibility in a wide variety of materials.

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MJF Forge labs 02

 HP Multi Jet Fusion

Up to  16" x 14" x 16"

Multi Jet Fusion produces functional parts in PA12 with excellent surface finish and consistent mechanical properties for volume manufacturing

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Polyjet Forge labs

 PolyJet Matrix 

Up to 20" x 15" x 10"

PolyJet is a versatile 3D printing for multi-material prints, transparent materials & overmolds with both precision and speed.

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DMLS forge labs 316L


Up to 13" x 11" x 10"

Additive manufacturing for producing functional parts in Stainless Steel 17-4 and 316 L for replacing complex casted parts for end use.

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